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We’re recruiting!

Recently, ARK-Genomics and The GenePool merged to form Edinburgh Genomics, which is now one of the largest genomics facilities in Europe, and the only UK facility with underpinning funding from the three major research councils, MRC, BBSRC and NERC.  We operate the latest Illumina next-generation sequencing instruments, as well as high-performance computing and storage.

With our recent increase in scale, we are recruiting.

For more information, please navigate to https://www.vacancies.ed.ac.uk/ and enter the relevant vacancy ID.


  • Bioinformatics Operations Manager
    • Vacancy ID 021989
  • Bioinformatics Programmer
    • Vacancy ID 021990
  • Bioinformatics Training and Outreach
    • Vacnacy ID 021988


  • Project Manager
    • Vacancy ID 021968
  • Laboratory Manager
    • Vacancy ID 022028
  • Business Manager
    • Vacancy ID 022029
  • Administrative Assistant
    • Vacancy ID 022031
  • Finance Officer
    • Vacancy ID 021969

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me


  1. I love that you have a Bioinformatician dedicated to Training and Outreach! So important and this is the first mention of such a job I have come across! I wish I could apply but I’m committed for another year or two at my current position specifically to up my pubs and establish my research abilities more (Only 1 first author pub, 2 in the mill though), rather than my ability to do others analysis…though I still do that too. I hope you get someone amazing!

  2. Sorry to bother… I just came across your post… Are these vacancies still on? I went to https://www.vacancies.ed.ac.uk/, entered to vacancy ID and … “Your search returned 0 results.”

    Best regards,

  3. We still have some vacancies open, email me 🙂

  4. Done (check your spam folder)… Thanks

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