There are a lot of old people who live in the same block of flats that I do, and the standard of car parking is terrible – cars are parked across lines, at bad angles and only half in the actual space.  So I concluded that old people are terrible at parking.

Then I thought about it, and I realised that the standard of parking where I work is also incredibly bad.  Same problems – drivers simply cannot seem to get their cars between the two lines that delineate a parking space.  So I concluded that scientists must be bad at parking too.

However…. when I go to the supermarket, the car parking there is also of an incredibly poor standard.  At the supermarket it’s almost as if the lines don’t exist, and cars are parked as if the driver abandoned them in a hurry to get the last loaves of bread.

Then it hit me.  The only thing in common between those three scenarios is me.  Therefore, I conclude from this study that I (@BioMickWatson) am the cause of bad car parking.

More work is needed on this.