When someone accuses you of bullying and personal attacks, it’s only right to take stock, think about your behavior and analyse what you’ve done wrong.

Recently on Twitter, I’ve obviously caused some upset and I need(ed) time to reflect and digest. As you will know if you read this blog or follow me on Twitter, I am opinionated and have a confrontational style of discussion. Clearly sometimes this comes across badly and obviously my recent interactions with @DrMel_T and @Julie_B92 represents one of those cases. Please understand it wasn’t and never will be a conscious attempt to bully.  I myself have been bullied in the past and I didn’t enjoy it one bit.  I believe in these instances the feelings of the person feeling bullied are way more important than the feelings, opinions or intentions of the accused bully, and I clearly need to respond to that. I realise that I have benefited from white male privilege and try to mitigate that wherever I can. However, seeing the reaction of Melanie and Julie, I have failed in this case and I apologise unreservedly for that. I made a mistake and I regret it.

I hope now we can move on and I will try to moderate my responses in future.