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Finally, a definition for bioinformatics

Following the trend for ultra-short-but-to-the-point blog posts, I have decided to finally define bioinformatics:

bio-informatics (bi-oh-in-foh-shit-I-don’t-understand-how-that-works)

From the word bio, meaning “of or related to biology” and informatics, meaning “absolutely anything your collaborators or boss don’t understand about maths, statistics or computing, including why they can’t print and how the internet works”

Happy to finally put that one to bed!


  1. I had a Bioinformatics in my last semester. Had I known this definition back then, I would have written this in my exams! 😛

  2. Thanks, I wasn’t sure I was a bio-informatician!

  3. Reblogged this on Embuhlee liest and commented:
    This is my major. Each time I tell somebody I’m studying it, they ask me what it is. Now I have the perfect, concise answer for them.

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