Cool paper – turns out that the genome of the sweet potato has segments of the Agrobacterium genome in it! Genuinely cool stuff.

However, I found something even more exciting!  A tiny virus genome present in huge numbers of sequenced bacteria.  Check it out:

  1. GO here:
  2. Click on Nucleotide Blast
  3. Where it says “Enter accession number, gi or FASTA”, simply enter the number: 9626372
  4. Where it says “Database” make sure you choose “others”
  5. Just under there, where it says “Organism (optional)” start typing the word Bacteria, and choose “Bacteria (taxid: 2)”
  6. Click the Blast button at the bottom

OMG!  This tiny viral genome is in E coli, it’s in Acinetobacter, Desulfitobacterium, Sphingobacterium….