I have been lucky enough to be involved in Oxford Nanopore’s MinION access programme since it kicked off, and we have an active grant to develop poRe, software we are writing to help scientists access and use MinION sequence data.

Because of the above, I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing people: incredibly driven, intelligent scientists.  Here is my prediction about what ONT, and those intelligent, driven scientists, are going to achieve in the next 12 months (probably sooner):

1. We will see the first full human genome sequenced using only Oxford Nanopore data.  The cost will be comparable to current techniques.

2. Genotyping and consensus accuracy will be very high, more than capable of accurately calling SNVs  (arguably we are there already), and better than other technologies at calling structural variation

3. Nanopore will become the default platform for calling base modifications (5mC, 5hmC etc)

4. All of the above will be possible without seeing a single A, G, C, or T (i.e. it will all be possible without base-calling the data)

Exciting times!